Susan Bourke Marketing and Training

What I Do:

I help small business owners in the retail and professional business sector increase their footfall and sales by providing online marketing services.

Why it Matters:

SME’s need to increase their visibility and brand reach online and just like you go to great lengths to get your premises and products looking great you want to get all of that portrayed online on the correct platform and distribution.

Why it Works:

I’ve spent 36 years as a self employed business person and the wealth of experience I gained in the medical profession, property industry and legal professions means I understand my clients needs better than anyone else.

As a Strategic Marketing Advisor, I’m able to seamlessly integrate my hard won, battle tested, industry knowledge and strategic marketing plans to ensure my clients achieve their goals-every time.

Bottom Line: You need a marketing partner who understands your industry and your time limitations.

How it Works:

The first step to begin your marketing transformation is to schedule a Marketing Audit of your current position and I will provide a high level assessment of what you are missing and WHY you are not getting the results you want.

I will also make a professional recommendation for the best next steps you should take now to take your marketing to the level needed to get you brand recognition and increase your client base.