Digital Marketing

If you want to be found online you have to think outside the box, right?

Susan will ask you what you were doing in the box in the first place!

Susan Bourke Marketing specialises in Digital media – whether that’s setting up, audit review of your existing platforms, social media management, social media training, coaching or consultancy. She can help and she has a particular passion for Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube & Instagram and even Snapchat.

Working with Susan is simple. You explain what you want to achieve and she’ll find the best way to help you get there.

She can work with you in various ways, from individual tailored 121 support to group training workshops or seminars, she doesn’t mind – the choice is yours.She even has a marketing team that can and does implement your marketing for you.

Bourke specialises in helping business in the following sectors: Retail; Groceries Stores; Restaurants; Trades (Plumbers, Builders, Electricians, Plasterers); Professionals (Solicitors, Accountants, Dentists and Doctors) Presenters & Sales Coaches.

Her sole aim is for your business to be successful online – and get the results you want, and lets face it that means cash in the till.

Susan Bourke is a digital marketing expert with a passion and a proven track record for social media marketing success.